My Latest Find

I’ve been following @chic_in_academia on Instagram since the day I joined Instagram.  I was doing a little Instgram stalking of one of my favorite jewelry lines  (obviously it’s Cayetano Legacy!) and couldn’t seem to get away from @chic_in_academia’s account, which led to me becoming obsessed with her blog!  She has such amazing taste and for some reason always knows when all the best flash sales are taking place!  I highly recommend following her ASAP!!  

Recently she posted a picture a herself wearing an amazing bracelet from Mark Edge. Of course I immediately searched for him on Instagram and became a customer within seconds!  At first glance many of his pieces seemcomplex, but they are just the opposite.  The pieces contain recycled and new materials combined.  Here’s a look at the piece I bought:

I’m slightly obsessed with it and have gotten so many compliments on it!  I have my eye on many, many more, so I’ll be sure to add more pictures once they are purchased!  Let me know if you have any Mark Edge pieces or if you decide to get any yourself!  

Change is Good…. Right!?

I have been a very loyal Lancôme client….I’m talking a decade, which in the makeup world is like a century!  Recently I’ve felt like I needed to change up my foundation and powder.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like Lancôme’s foundation and powder, and chances are I’ll go back to it, but I feel like an adventure is necessary!  So, I decided to hit up one of my favorite spots (Sephora) and “experiment”.  Let’s just say I came out looking like a swatch card!  I ended up going with Dior’s Diorskin Forever foundation and powder…. Stay tuned for a review!!   


Target is “Clutch”

It has been waaaay too long since I’ve posted anything, and I could probably create a record breaking long post, but I’m currently in the car headed to Mother’s Day brunch in Philly and might be experiencing my first bout of car sickness.  It’s either that or I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine last night (okay it’s probably the wine)!  Anyway I had to post this amazingly fun clutch that I scooped up at Target last week….


Isn’t it freaking fabulous!?!  I also got a beach tote that’s is equally amazing!!!  I’ll post that later!  Anyway, this Is beyond perfect for spring/summer and will go with just about anything… Not to mention it will be the perfect accessory at the Spanish tapas restaurant I’m headed to!  HOLLAR!!  Ok that’s all for now!  Happy Mother’s Day to all!!



Henri and Christian and David…OH MY!

Hello from your long-lost, negligent blogger!  To say the last two weeks have been CRA-ZY would be an understatement.  However, through all the craziness, many… MANY fantastic items have been purchased!  I’m going to cut out the rambling, and jump right!  This first item needs no introduction…



Gorgeous.  Amazing.  Fabulous.  I can’t even find the right word to describe these bad boys!  These are actually a Christmas present that was on back-order for what seemed like forever!  But they are here now and that’s all that matters!!

Sticking with the holiday theme comes Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I both agree that this holiday is waaaaay overrated, but for some reason I still get some pretty awesome gifts!  This year I got beauty to go along with last years earrings…


Recently it was brought to my attention that I may be giving my every day bag a little too much work.  My Louie has been through a lot…I mean…A LOT, so I decided to give him a break and ordered the Henri Bendel Rivington Tote.  Not only is the color perfect for spring, but the front part detaches to make the perfect spring clutch.  I’m literally doing a happy dance over this bag!!!


henri clutch

I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten a chance to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite jewelry lines, Cayetano Legacy, yet…so here I go.  A few years ago a friend from high school started posting pictures of herself wearing these GORGEOUS statement pieces…necklaces, rings, bracelets, clutches…you name it, they got it!  Not only is she beautiful to the point of ridiculousness, but these pieces are to die for!  I asked her about them, and the story behind the pieces make you even more inclined to by them.  To keep my rambling at a minimum…check out their website!  And if you purchase anything, be sure to use the code CLCPHILLY…it’ll get you 20%!!  These are the two newest additions to my CLC family…


mr and mrs clc

This is the family they are joining…a tad obnoxious, I know!

clc box


Last but not least, here are a few of my Target and Instagram consignment shopping finds…





P.S. I’m practically living in the Lulu pants!!

I’m so excited we are days (I realize it’s really weeks) away from spring!!  I’m already starting to put my winter clothes away in hopes the dumb snow will get the hint and stop showing its ugly self!  I promise to try my best and not wait another two weeks before blogging again!!




Where Does It All Go?!

One of my favorite coworkers, and possibly funniest person I know, always looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell her of my shopping hauls.  I, in return, look at her like she has six heads when she tells me she doesn’t know how to apply liquid eyeliner!  Anyway, I thought of her the other night when I started to put away my new makeup.  I came to the conclusion that I might…MIGHT…need a makeup intervention.  As I was putting everything away I realized that I am quickly running out of space!  (GASP!)  A sane person might come to the realization that they should put a halt to buying any more makeup for a bit, however if you’ve read any of my previous posts, it’s clear that I am not completely sane!  Here’s what I’m working with…


makeup counter

open makeup drawers

Not to mention I have a drawer full of eyeshadow palettes!  And a closet of samples that I acquired from my year subscription to Birchbox  I’m thinking a new GLAMbox might be necessary to keep my makeup from spewing over into my husband’s counter space (which would be horrible because then he’d realize what an addiction to makeup I truly have!)  But do I really want to spend that much right now?  Ladies and fellow makeup hoarders like myself, any suggestions for storage would be greatly appreciated!!  This girl needs some serious help!




Mini Makeup and Product Haul!

A few weekends ago, over some hilarious conversation and delicious cocktails, a few coworkers and myself decided to partake in a little online makeup shopping.  Hautelook was having a sale on one of my favorite brands, theBalm, and we just couldn’t help ourselves!  We really lucked out because our significant others were too caught up in their own conversations with each other, they didn’t even realize how quickly we had put 12 items into our cart…that is until they noticed how quiet we were and they made us checkout before we could add anything else!  Our goodies came in the same day I made a quick stop at Sephora, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite products.


I’ll start with my Hautelook purchases.  I fell in love with theBalm after I watched one of my absolute favorite YouTube makeup vloggers @smlxo.  She had suggested the liquid eyeliner “Schwing” and I don’t think I’ve used anything else since!  It’s ah-mazing!  I’m also a huge fan of the bronzer “Bahama Mama”.  It’s more of a matte bronzer, so there’s barely any shimmer to it, which for me is perfect for everyday wear.  I also picked up two lipsticks…like I need more!! However, I could not pass these up when I read the names: Mai Billsbeaid (pretty neutral) and Ima Goodkisser (more of a corally…I know that’s not a real work…shade).  See why purchasing there were a no-brainer?!

The other products in the picture are from Sephora.  Hoola was another bronzer recommended by @smlxo.  I’ve been using it for about a week and I may have found my new go-to bronzer.  It’s very similar to the Bahama Mama one in the picture.  I have issues…I know!  Benefit’s “the Porefessional” primer is awesome!  I use it before putting my foundation on and I don’t even know it’s on my face it’s so light and airy!  Is it weird when I say I could rub this stuff on my face all day long?  The nail file is made of glass and I swear worked miracles on my nails!  The last product in the picture might be my favorite…the lipgloss from Soap & Glory.  I mean come on…it’s called Sexy Mother Pucker!!  The stuff works!  The second I put it on my lips felt tingly and fuller.  I guess if you don’t like that tingly lip feel you should absolutely stay away, but I kinda love it!

I’m always on the hunt for new products and would love to hear your favorites!!






Labels Galore @ a Price we CAN Afford!

All girls love their labels.  They might not realize they do at first, but once they make that first high-end purchase, it’s over!  That is until you realize you can’t afford another high-end label purchase because you spent too much money on that first one.  Once again, enter consignment shopping.  @SHOPWITHPDLS on Instagram hooked me up BIG time this week!


Alice and Olivia stole my heart when I first laid eyes on the Starbuck’s mug she created two years ago, and it was rekindled again this year when she collaborated with Starbucks again and made this beauty…


So when @SHOPWITHPDLS posted this….


alice and olivia

I couldn’t help myself!  It’s way cuter on…it does this fantastic structured poof when it’s on.  I’m kinda in love!


I’m also slightly obsessed with my end of the school year countdown, so I’ve got spring and summer on my mind, which means open-toed sandals needed to be purchased.  The pair on the left is Stella McCartney (retail $700…got em for $69) and on the right are Tory Burch (I can’t remember exactly, but I think these ended up being between $50-$60 also?).  Both will go with just about anything!!

Stella Tory Burch


A girl can’t have too many shoes…right?!  While @SHOPWITHPDLS and @NYCCLOSET_Z have me constantly checking their Instagram feeds, I’m always on the hunt for new consignment shops.  I’d love to hear your favorites!!


Cheers to it being the freakin weekend…well…tomorrow!